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Web Development Service for Minimalist design, (CA)

Web Development Service for Minimalist design, (CA)
Brand: Canada
Category: Web development

Web Development Service for Minimalist design, (CA) - Services and Specifications


Account Dashboard Your account dashboard is different from your project dashboard and will include details on other services of our you may be subscribed to. It's available to all our clients as well.

Base Specialization

Technology Specialization (only one is used unless specified otherwise) For the clients that have a very specific technology requirement. Built wth AngularJs (standard), Built with React (standard), Built with Bootstrap 4.x or V5 when ready (standard)
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UI (User Interface) In the industrial design field of human-computer interaction, a user interface is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur. In layman terms, the navigation of your website interface is dependent on UI design.
UX (User Experience) The user experience is how a user interacts with and experiences a product, system or service. It includes a person's perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency.

Managed Systems

Server(s) Server management is imperative to any business that seeks to be successful on the modern web. Irrespective of the provisioning system, our round-the-clock server management infrastructure will ensure maximum uptime of your servers while giving you the time and freedom to grow your business beyond the basics. Bundled (included with service)
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Our Bundles

Bundles Select from a wide variety of bundles that are optimized for your success online. Not Applicable (use our search function to find a bundle)
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Project Tracking

Project Dashboard Track our progress on your project using our designed project tracking platform. Comment and follow up on the nitty-gritty. Bugs are tracked and fixed as development proceeds. No need for the repetitive emails that get lost in your inbox. Our project tracking platform will enable you to communicate effectively with us.

System Upkeep

Maintenance We'll have your system maintained post-build. Free for a year
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Type of deployment

Website Development Web development encompasses a few unique sub-categories with a touch of awesome. Complimentary to our web development services is web design, landing pages, web migration, and one-pagers. Web Development, Web Design
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WPW Points

Membership Sign up for WPWakanda Membership for the benefit of saving big. Cannot Use WPW Points for Payments
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